Events at Farr Cottage Lodge

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Farr Cottage will be having live music throughout the summer




Here is a couple of links to guide to what's happening in the local area: - Outdoor Capital of th UK events. - Visit Fort William - About Fort William

At Farr Cottage we offer a range of special evening events to help you become familiar with the Scottish way of life and we will fill you in on some of Scotland’s rich history.

Scottish Whisky Evenings - Pre-arranged for groups
Learn the history and origins of whisky, its development, the classic Malt regions, and do a wee tour of the Country through the National Drink of Scotland.

Scottish History - Pre-arranged for groups
The development of a Nation spanning thousands of years - the heroes, villains and colourful characters that developed a small Nation through treacherous and bloody times - From the Picts, Britons, and Romans to the Scots, the Norse and the Angles.............through to present times.........and the torturous path the people have had to tread.......

The Kilt - Pre-arranged for groups
Learn about the original Scottish Kilt - how it is worn, its functionality, the origin of the tartans, and how the kilt and tartans were developed into the modern kilt.

Learn also about the weaponry used by the Highlanders and how they survived in difficult and dangerous times. 

Pub Quiz Evenings - Can be Pre-arranged for groups or as and when requested. 
The great Pub Quiz Evening - historical, geographical and a number of other areas of international interest in a night of pure Scottish fun!

Scottish Whisky Event Toasting Quiz Night