Things You Need To Know About Vannamei Prawns


Vannamei prawns are also referred to as tiger prawns and white shrimp. They could be shorter than most shrimp, however, they are jam-packed with taste! Vannamei prawns are among Singapore’s favourite seafood because they are healthy, cheap, and tasty.

It can be tough to locate genuine varnamei prawns in the marketplace at times. This is due to the fact that vannamei prawn farms just aren’t as prevalent as other forms of a fishery like fish or calamari. However, with this information, you will be able to get genuine varnamei prawns that were captured wild rather than farmed, ensuring that they taste fresh and luscious!

In Singapore, Where Can I Buy Fresh Vannamei Prawns?

  • Vannamei prawns can be purchased fresh from the market.
  • During the day is the optimum time to buy.
  • Purchase varnamei prawns from Malaysia or Singapore.
  • Purchase a prawn with a good red hue.
  • Search for a prawn that is still living and has its head attached.

Vannamei Prawn Varieties

Vannamei prawns singapore come in two varieties: brown and white. The brown vannamei shrimp is the most frequent kind seen in Singapore. Its head and tail are a deep orange-brown colour, with a pinkish body.

Because they are cultivated in Hawaii, white varnamei prawns are much more scarce and valuable than brown varnamei prawns. As a result, they are frequently exported to Singapore! They’re not quite as delicious as brown shrimp, but they’re more delicate and juicy than other varieties of seafood.