Wisdom Tooth Removal Singapore: A Complete Guide


Food obstruction or gum swelling in the area of impacted/partially emerged bottom and top wisdom teeth (third molars) can cause dental pain.

In this case, the wisdom tooth must be extracted to solve any issues that have arisen or to prevent future issues. Malpositioned wisdom teeth can cause a diverse range of problems, including infection, pain, and trouble chewing.

When Should You Consider Surgery?

wisdom tooth removal singapore must be considered in the following cases.

  • Wisdom teeth may not be able to burst through your gums because your jaw is too tiny to accommodate them.
  • Your wisdom teeth may break nearly halfway through your gums, causing a flap of gum tissue to form over them. As a result, food and germs may have become trapped beneath the flap, creating swollen and sore gums, as well as an infection.
  • Other issues associated with impacted teeth include cysts, tooth and bone damage, and infection.
  • The top of your wisdom tooth may develop at an unusual angle, looking backward or forward.


  • Item to Avoid Gum Disease or Deterioration in Wisdom Teeth
  • Keep your rear teeth from crowding.
  • Preventing a tooth from becoming caught in the jaw

Risks Involved

Some of the risks involved in wisdom tooth removal singapore are as follows.

  • To finish difficult extractions, minor surgical operations may be required.
  • Soft tissue damage due to crown fractures or root damage.
  • Tooth or tooth root/fragment displacement
  • Communication between the oro-antral lobes
  • Injuries to the upper dental nerve or its branches, as well as the lingual nerve
  • Tooth or tooth fragment aspiration or ingestion
  • Fainting, convulsions, and cardiac or respiratory arrest.
  • Mouth opening is restricted, and there is a lot of bleeding.
  • Pain after surgery
  • Swelling after surgery